The information we collect

Company’s URL responsibly protects your privacy. This privacy policy describes what personal information we collect and how we use it.

Our primary goal in collecting your personal information is to provide you with fluent, efficient and personal needs experience while you use our webpage. This allows us to provide you information and accomplish our functions that best meet your needs.

We use web analytic tools in order to evaluate the webpage use of indicators while our customers uses our webpage. This helps us to find out what they are doing on our webpage, what browser they use, what operating system, etc. However, these analytical data collected with JavaScript programming language assistance is not linked to identify your personal information.

Use of “cookies”

Our webpage uses variety of cookies. If you do not know what cookies are, how to control or remove them, we recommend that you visit for more detailed information.

The list below describes what cookies and how we use them on our webpage.

“Google Analytics” data analytical tool

We use this program so that we can better understand how visitors use the webpage content. By collecting this data, we aim to ensure more efficient use of the webpage functions and facilitate user experience. User data is anonymous information.

Learn more about “Google Analytics” here.

Social networking buttons

On our webpage you will notice buttons of most of the social networking pages (Twitter, Google +, Facebook “Like”, Youtube and Pinterest). This allows users to share or tag provided information. Programming scripts are used in order to install these buttons and connect them to corresponding social networks and external websites. You should be aware that these websites may collect information about what you are doing all over internet, including our webpage URL. When you click any of these buttons, this actions will be registered and may be used in future. In some cases these websites can register you as a visitor of our webpage in general and for some of it’s specific pages. Even if you do not press any of following buttons but you are logged in to your Google+ and/or Facebook account, please check how they collect information and learn what to do in order to stop providing them your information. You should check the privacy policy for all these social networking websites.

Blog comments

If you want to leave a comment in our blog you have to register as a member or you can provide your name and email address. You can choose to leave personal comment or to send it anonymously. However, in order to ensure quality control, we ask to leave your name and email when commenting anonymously.

Your privacy protection

If you are worried about privacy protection, please note that you can always change your browser settings and disable cookies. We don’t recommend to disable all webpage cookies as this may cause inconvenience through other sites where you wish to be remembered. It’s better to enable or disable cookies for each webpage you visit. We recommend you to read instructions of your browser on how to block cookies and other tracking mechanisms. This web browser privacy management links may also be useful.

Special notice about Google advertising

Any promotions offered by Google Inc. may be controlled using cookies program. According to your browsing history you are provided with corresponding advertisement campaigns. If you wish not to receive any promotions, learn how to disable Google cookies. As it was mentioned, all Google cookies collected data is the property of Google.

Contact information

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact the company by provided email for more detailed explanation.

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