Transporto priemonės transportavimo kainos skaičiavimas


Customs clearance, import and export of vehicles

Import is carriage of foreign products. End user of imported goods is a state of importation, residents or organizations, and the seller – foreign manufacturers, suppliers. Import procedures and customs clearance is regulated by Community Customs Code.

Vehicles can be delivered by sea or land, including railways. Customs regulatory details are specified by the way of transportation.

In order to carry out all customs formalities we have been granted with authorised economic operator’s EORI number. We were also granted with Customs Code conscripts register (EORI number) which is recognized by all the Member States customs offices for clearing operations and other activities covered by customs legislation.

What you need to know in order to import?

First of all you need to be familiar with conditions of goods that you’re willing to import: applicable customs and taxes, does they have any tariff quota, does they have any preferential customs, can they have any suspended duty, what kind of prohibitions or restrictions are applied, what documents (permits, licenses, etc.) may be required, etc.


We have 8 years of experience in buying different vehicle types at the US and Canada auctions. We work with major car and motorcycle auctions parks. Our focus is your expectations and opportunities. We mediate during all vehicle acquisition process.

  • Purchasing vehicles at auctions.
  • Vehicle transportation.
  • Vehicle customs clearance, import, export.
  • Vehicle delivery to Lithuania.
  • Vehicle certification, technical inspection and registration.


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