Transporto priemonės transportavimo kainos skaičiavimas


ehicle loading/unloading

You will have the opportunity to track the travel of container by entering LOT/Stock number of container in the search engine of given webpage. Each container is marked with a unique number consisting of four Latin letters and seven digits combination.

Typically vehicle arrives in Klaipeda port within 4-5 weeks. The expected arrival date is indicative, only after loading of the vessel it is more accurately to focus on when your consignment will reach final destination.

When container will arrive in Lithuania you will be informed by e-mail and telephone. During our meeting we will discuss the acquisition vehicle customs clearance, unloading time, place and any other questions you may have. You will be provided with all necessary assistance.

Each cargo that is delivered to the final port of discharge must get permission to discharge of the container. We will make sure to inform you in time about the required payment of freight charges, so that everything runs smoothly and you will avoid additional costs. Time set for cargo discharge and storage is from 7 to 15 days.

After getting a release the container is unloaded according to the schedule. The advance of an agreement with us, you can also participate in the discharge.


We have 8 years of experience in buying different vehicle types at the US and Canada auctions. We work with major car and motorcycle auctions parks. Our focus is your expectations and opportunities. We mediate during all vehicle acquisition process.

  • Purchasing vehicles at auctions.
  • Vehicle transportation.
  • Vehicle customs clearance, import, export.
  • Vehicle delivery to Lithuania.
  • Vehicle certification, technical inspection and registration.


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