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Meet the Model X

Model X is the safest, fastest and most capable sports car type in history of vehicles. With all-wheel drive system and 90 kWh battery capacity for 414 km range, Model X is very spacious, has seven seats in the cabin. It is absurdly quick sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3,2 s. Model X is an uncompromising crossover.


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29th of September, 2015


Security-based design

Model X is designed taking into consideration security requirements as the first priority. Car floor is factory installed with a battery that lowers the center of gravity so that the risk of rollover is lower by half than in any other vehicle of this class. Battery structure also enhances Model X resistance to side impacts. Large front car body acts as a giant impact-absorbing area. While EuroNCAP has not performed an emergency situation tests with model X, the company Tesla has carried out internal tests in emergency cases, which indicates that the model X should be the first crossover which will receive the highest safety rankings in each category.


Falcon Wings

Falcon Wings door model allows easy access to the second and third row seats, even in tight parking spots. Meanwhile, the traditional crossover doors or minivan sliding doors doesn’t have such convenient access.

It has a very small gap width doors when starts to rise up and smoothly reaches its position so passengers can get off easily from both the seating rows in both directions. Doors functionality is an indispensable advantage for families, when the wide open doors allows to load baby car seats and put babies inside.


Fully charged Model X can make up to 414 km distance and it is the most aerodynamic crossover vehicle in production. Model X air resistance koefficient (srarting from 0,24) is 20% less than the next best crossover’s.

Installed spoiler is adapted to specific position as to effectively optimize air resistance and driving stability, especially on country roads.


Wider sky

According to the whole of its production history, Model X has the largest front panoramic window, which gives the opportunity to see a much wider area of the sight.

It is incomparable moment when observing the starry sky sitting in your car, when even sky looks wider.

Glass is manufactured using specifically optimized toning technology which provides unlimited visibility for both driver and all the passengers.

Seven seats and control device

Model X has very comfortable seats and there are even three rows for seven passengers. Every seat is equipped so comfortably, that it would be difficult to choose which is the best place. However, it is necessary to distinguish the second-row seats, because of the integrated automated control device.

In the second row, the seats are designed to maximize passenger comfort by adjusting the space for legs, the storage space under the seats and easy access to the third row or to providing more space for its passengers.

However, third-row seats has an advantage, when you need more space in the trunk, if not in use they can be folded as a result obtaining more space in the cargo area.

Harmony in every detail

Model X is designed for all occasions. If a family is going on a tour or a larger trip, the car perfectly accommodate all the items you need. You will have enough room in a large front and rear trunks, additional space in passengers compartment, as well as on the outside you will be able to mount a special hook to bring the necessary equipment and accessories. Model X is the first electric vehicle with a 2268 kg towing capacity.


Gallery, first Model X photoshoot in Lithuania


Would you like to get more detailed information? Download factory specification of Tesla Model X with possible engines options and technical parameters.


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